Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Flats      April 5th 2011                                                                             PPE Goggles

Always start from one end of the timber, by making a mark ,

mesure the length of the 8foot stock making 2foot centres from marked end 2foot 4foot 6foot,

with both ends of the 8foot timber mark off the edge about 3cm in, then drill two holes under each other about 2-3cm apart.

Then with 5 4foot timber strips line them up on the drilled ends and in the centre of the 2foot 4foot and 6foot markings, screwing them together on markings making sure you start at the marked end,

this is so that the frame stays strait all the way around.

Then with pva glue over the top of the timber frame when lay the sheet of wood over it making sure all the corners are flush as you can get, then with a nail gun go along the top of the wood then down the left side of the frame to make an L shape, then to the right then the bottom of the out side of the frame,
Then mark the 2foot 4foot and 6foot centres of the frame by marking a line across the frame were the screws match up then nail across each line,

making the nails about 4inches from each other, and then make the floor end.



Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Heres some basic drawings i fond of big flowing draps the way they site to the side of the windows making it look like there is more space, i think would be good to look at !!


here is another image that can help when lighting the set for the photos the way the light if focused on one point in the middle of the set, drawing your eye towards it then making you look around it.

looking at sizes and styles of poffues


i have been looking at ways we can make the design for the chaise longue to work, looking at some of these chairs below i was thinking we could have the back flat and fret the design of the willow into it, and if we wanted to make it a bit more 3D we could go around the cut out parts with super sculpey, instead of carving it out as it would take a great mount of time to do so!

using the idea of the worn fabric.

there is not alot of carving into theses ones but the parts that are carved are very 3D pulling out alot of the detail. 


These are some ideas for wallpaper that pulled out of some  Willam Morris books 

willow would be good as a 
basic patten which also a since for death, this one i like because it looks like its creeping up the wall!! 

again willow but its much smother flowing down the wall !!

this could be useful if we wanted to do Repeating patten