Sunday, 8 May 2011


For the desk chair in the study i found a simple but fancy old  white chair.

Took off the fabric on the set, it was fulling apart with a wicker bottom set so to make it safer to sit on i

measured the top area of the chair and put the size onto a sheet of plywood, cut it out with a band saw and stapled it on to the top of the set, with a staple gun. 

I was going to sand the white paint off it, but i wasn't sure of what paint it was so i painted over it in covernt garden prim to make sure the when painting it the paint sticks, the colour of the wood we are using is mahogany, once the prim was dry i gave the chair a base colour of a slightly dark orange and whilst the base colour was still wet i started to paint lines of slightly watered down brown, i painted it whilst it was wet because it was easier blended the colours together and i could smooth them out to the lines weren't to sharp, when i went on to paint on thin strips of black paint but the black didn't make any different's so i diced not to add the black. 

once all the paint was dry i stared to re-upholster the set we diced on a very rich looking green, draw around the plywood onto a sheet of paper laid the paper onto a block of foam and draw the shape onto the it and cut it out with a knife.

cut the material into a square placed the foam onto the plywood and tacked each corner of the fabric over the foam, then with a staple gun i stapled the fabric to the back of the set it was rather difficult as there are pieces of wood pointing down so once i had stapled the fabric to the plywood i had to hammer down the staples as i couldn't push the gun down to the wood in some parts. Whilst going around stapling the fabric down i took away the tacks,  i went on the staple the front of the set making sure that i  pulled the fabric as firm and flat as i could so the fabric wasn't lose, then i stapled from side to side using the same technique as the front, for the corners of the fabric i looked at folding it to the front and to the back, and diced of folding it to the front as it looked better tacked them into place and stapled them down, when i was happy the fabric was was all in place i took out all the tacks.


After looking over the chair and making sure it could be sat on safely, i thought that i foam on the chair was to thick and the fabric on it didn't look like it had worn or been used, so i took off the fabric and took out the foam.

So i am going to re-upholst it again making sure i make it look used and weathered and i'm going to put a thinner foam onto the set.

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