Monday, 9 May 2011

   Desk Chair Take Two

As i needed to make the chair look used i used the original foam it came with as it is old and used, tacked each corner of the fabric to the plywood so it didn't move whilst i was stapling it. As the foam is much lower down it was easier to stable the back of the chair down with the staple gun where the wood points down, i stapled the back then the front and each side but to make it look used i pinched, scrunched and pulled also i stapled the fabric down rather loosely it some areas of the fabric.

Once the fabric was stapled down i cut around the seat to take off the excess fabric, and started to add the braiding around the edge of the fabric i stared at the back and worked my way around the seat  i stared it just be for the corner, to put the braiding on i could tack it on or glue i used tacks as it would be  stronger and as i had not done it before i could take them out if i made a mistake.

I lifted the curve of the braid place the tack were it lies hammer the tack in, then the tack will be coved over by the curve of the braid.

Where my Finger is is were the tack is >

I found when braiding the corners i needed to push a small amount of foam into the corner so that the braid would curve at the corner nicely, and so the staple didn't show through the braid i tack all the corners down with a green tack.

For the of the brad i trimmed each end of the braid tacked one side down then folding the other end and tacked it down, i folded it over so that it didn't fray.


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