Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fire Place

To make the tiles shine we covered them over with gloss glaze, but we found that it didn't make them shine very well it gave them more of a matt finish, so they were covered over with a varnish which gave them a good layer of shine.
But we found it took a long time to dry on the tiles also we found when take photographs of them the flash would reflect off them, which wouldn't be very suitable for a film shot if it was based on that object with a'lot of different lighting.    

Once all the tiles dry we laid them down to create a design for each side we found putting the cat and the chicken next to each other was to much of a clash as they are very bold and strong as a single tile.

to glue them onto the the fire place we used (no more nails) using this was very useful because we could more the tiles if needed whist they were drying, we worked from the top to bottom in rows so if there was a gap at the end we could see to it at the bottom instead of the top of the fire place as it would be more difficult to change the top of it, we ended up running out of no more nails so we ended up using a hot glue gun which wasn't great to use as it dried strait away. 

once we had placing the tiles on to both sides we found a small gap on each side on the bottom so we are deciding on if we fill it with a beading of if we will make the bottom peace of wood slightly larger. 

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