Friday, 20 May 2011

Panelling and skirting

For the skirting we cut 12mm thick wood 20cm wide by 8foot long and 15cm wide blocks of 6mm wood to slot behind them.
We placed three block of the 6mm strips of wood in the corner the middle and end of the length of 20cm by 8foot length of wood so it pushed it way from the flats to make i look more like a real peace of skirting, but the wood in front of the blocks making sure the block at the end of the wood would have half of the block showing, then pushed a sheet of MDF under the length of wood so there would be a gap for when the flooring is put down.

Then drilled the 20cm by 8 wood into the block and into the flat and with the middle we drilled into the wood were there way a join, so we went through a thick part in the wood.
And we did this all the way around the flats cutting them to size.

For the panelling we started with 15cm wide by 8foot strips of 12mm wood placed on top of the 20cm wood and drilled them to the flats.

Then to put the upright panels on we cut the the 15cm by 8foot wide wood in to 15cm by 40cm cut out the size of the panel.
Then we counter sunk the 15-40 strips of wood so when we drilled them to the flats the nails wouldn't pock out, placed the strip of wood on top of the 15-8 wood into the corner drilled it to the flats then placed the panel size sheet next to it and placed another 15-40 next to it all the way around the fats, but for the corner panels we found have to next to each other didn't look right so we cut the corner ones in half so they were 15-20 and drilled them in just like the 15-40 making them counter suck.

Then to for the top of the panelling we drilled 15-8 strips of wood onto of them, and to make sure that the drills holes didn't show we polly filled them over.

once we had filled all the holes and sanded them down smooth we started to paint for the base colour we made up a rich red the over that we painted in a dark brown then with a ruff brush we brushed it over to paint to create a wood effect then with a black painted in strong lines, making sure that we painted it on when the paint was wet, for the tops the the middle of the panels we painted them with the dark brown.

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